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WordPress is a content managing system (CMS) that most web designers opt and choose it as it is the easiest, convenient to use and customize their themes. The user does not really have to be an expert in programming languages of website designing to manage or create their websites through WordPress.

It is one of the most popular blogging platforms which can easily be adapted to be used as a normal website and also an online shop (using plug-ins and professional themes).

WordPress advantages: it is very easy to install, has many free of charge theme, hundreds of professional themes with affordable prices
(Good themes samples: and
easy to add and manage the content and very a fast theme customization.

It is possible to buy a new theme, to create and have a website online in less than a week. Considering the working time it is much cheaper to have it than produce a completely new website – CMS project.

Disadvantages of WordPress:
You may find a very similar website as you have!
As everyone can buy and customize its themes that is very possible to happen.
If not well seated or protected so the security is not so strong and it can be hacked.

WordPress dashboard view:


WordPress Dashboard Details

Website and CMS development.

This is a perfect and tailored solution for those who want to have a unique and exclusive website.


It can be 100% produced for your needs and design;
It can be integrated with other platforms and interfaces;
CMS can control all website or only specific areas;
It is tailored to your needs;

Using a good designer and code developer you will never find another website like yours!


It is a complex project developed from the scratch, which means more people involved, more time spent on it and in the end more money invested.
A project can be made in two weeks or more everything depends on a particular project and its complexity.


Website – CMS Dashboard