About BK42 Channel

About BK42 Channel:


You may ask … What is the BK42 Channel about?

Let me try to explain. I love making stuff my own and designing bicycles as well, so I’ve combined both passions in one place!

Professionally I’m a User Interface Designer and since I was very young I have been designing my toys, bicycles and mostly everything around me. I am very lucky to be able to work with my hobby!

Couple years ago, with a friend, who share the same passion we decided to build a small bicycle company. It was named BK42 – Custom Bikes. The main go was to build unique and special bicycles projects. Custom and personalized bicycles!
We had the great pleasure to work together in some exciting projects.
Unfortunately the company is gone, but the bikes passion and the friendship is still alive 🙂

Recently I have found a new hobby: filming and video edition!
I can’t say that I am good on it, but I do it with passion.
So, I decided to share my ideas, projects and bikes passion in one place. I am using the Youtube and this Blog for that.

Every week I will try to post a new video with the bicycles related themes.
Come to my channel, give your opinion, share your thoughts! Let’s keep the custom culture alive and make it stronger!

This is a non-commercial channel. I don’t want to make money or sell anything here, but I do want to grow my bicycle’s lovers network!
Everyone is welcome!

Cheers, Myr – Bk42 Channel

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